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"This folksy, swing-ragtime band from Chapel Hill is making waves for it's high energy performances and groovy dance tunes."
Daily Tar Heel: Carolina's Finest 2014-2015


earspace is a contemporary performance ensemble dedicated to creating invigorating multi-sensory performances of music worth believing in. We seek to expose the inherent potentials within every moment and space, cultivating visceral reactions unique to every manifestation. Through our projects, we explore the extremities of contemporary performance and work to bring audiences closer to the music they experience. earspace has performed across the Triangle at CAM Raleigh and less typical venues like the Google Fiber Space, as well as other venues across North Carolina.


Ellis Dyson and the Shambles

Ellis Dyson & the Shambles expertly blends old-time influences ranging from Piedmont murder ballads, to Dixieland, to big band swing. The result: whiskey-soaked, foot-stompin’ songs that bring party music of departed eras to crowds both young and old. The Shambles have made waves with their theatrical and explosive live shows and masterful musicianship that electrifies every audience. Bursting with exuberance and effortless expertise, this playfully hootin’ and hollerin’ act is guaranteed to bring the ruckus.

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WireTap New Music

A collective of musicians that is dedicated to bringing chamber music of the 20th and 21st centuries to the community in Durham, NC. With an emphasis on recent works by living composers, WireTap uses inventive programming and high quality performances to present concert music that is being made now.